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Initially go by word of mouth.
Word of mouth passes around a lot of opinions of people. Your best bet would be to ask people you know who they would recommend. Write those names down and they will be the one calling you.

Why real estate attorneys are a good idea?

Attorneys are specially trained in real estate law, and so have a better working knowledge of how to find the right buyer or seller for you. They should have a decent amount of experience in real estate law, and should have good negotiation skills.

What kind of services do real estate attorneys provide?

A good real estate lawyer should be capable of drafting and signing the brokerage agreement. They should have the ability to negotiate on the behalf of the seller (The party that called her). She should be able to determine the legal restrictions, if any, and see what can be done to correct it. On top of that, a real estate attorney should be capable of drafting the deed to the house, and drawing up a proper brokerage agreement.

Why is hiring local important?

You can learn about the reputation of the firm and that attorney specifically by talking to locals. You’ll be able to see him in his office whenever needed. The attorney should be able to generally assess the likelihood of a fair and reasonable verdict. He will have likely worked with or against some of the lawyers and judges, they have worked together for years and are tolerance at least. And he will value his reputation in the community and will go out of his way to prove his reputation is well deserved.

Questions to ask before hiring a real estate attorney.

How long have you been practicing real estate law?
Have you handled cases similar to mine before?
What are your fees?
Will anyone else be looking in on my case?
Can you provide references?