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Real estate attorney in Virginia Beach, VA deal with legal issues regarding residential and commercial real estate, neighbors and tenants, leasing, and private property ownership. They will have the knowledge of zoning laws, restrictions, covenants and value estimates and offer sound legal advice about the transfer of real estate property, including purchase and sale.

Responsibilities of an experienced and skilled real estate attorney in Virginia Beach, VA:

Document Drafting

One of the major responsibilities of a real estate attorney Virginia Beach, VA is drafting legal documents. They will prepare and review purchase and sale agreements, financing agreements, rental agreements, leases and conveyance transactions. Although some states law allows agents to assist clients in filling out such documents, in most cases only a licensed attorney can prepare and revise them.


Since real estate attorneys Virginia Beach, VA have vast experience in handling various real estate transactions, clients might often ask their attorneys to negotiate or discuss the terms and conditions of real estate deals with other concerned parties. This involves meeting and working with other attorneys, brokers, investors and developers.

Transaction Review

Some real estate attorneys might only offer their services only for reviewing the transactions and giving legal advice – they are not involved in the preparation of any legal documents. The client will be responsible for negotiating the deal on their own and signing the contract and then he may contact the attorney for “due diligence”. This means that the attorney will examine any documents and contracts involved in the transaction, including legal title issues, environment issues or reports. The experience of real estate attorneys enables them to identify any loop holes or flaws in the contract which the client might overlook.


Real estate transactions do not always workout as planned and may end up in a lawsuit being filed. In this case, a real estate attorney will represent his/her client during the real estate litigation. This will involve drafting and file legal pleadings, attend hearings and trials, and file appeals if the need arises. It might also involve striking a bargain with the opposing counsel and try to work out a settlement agreement.


Some real estate attorneys Virginia Beach, VA might concentrate on cases involving mortgage and trust deed foreclosure, representing either the lender or borrower. Those who represent lenders will guide them through the foreclosure process and help them file a lawsuit in court. On the other hand, the attorneys who help the borrower will try to spot loopholes in the foreclosure process or negotiate with the lender to agree to a settlement agreement.