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Wisdom has it that a man should know his limits and when to turn to a better-suited person for help. For the most part, tax issues are somewhat technical; even complex. Therefore, one of the major reasons you need a Mesa, AZ, based tax attorney is so that everything to do with your tax is handled professionally to cover all your bases. Some of the other ways tax lawyers help include;

  • When you have an audit notice from the IRS.
  • To communicate to IRS officials.
  • Filling an appeal on a tax court ruling
  • Taking advantage of tax credits.

When hiring a tax attorney, you need to find someone professional. There are some factors you should therefore consider before hiring one. Here is how to find a good tax attorney in Mesa, AZ.

Where to look

You can start your search by asking professionals in your circle. Check with your accountant or accountant friends, your banker or a lawyer you have worked with in the past. If you cannot seem to get a referral, check with the local bar association for tax specialists in Mesa, AZ.

Qualifications and experience

It is important to check whether the Mesa tax attorney is qualified. A Juris Doctor at a minimum and a practice license is required. It is always a good idea however to find a specialist with a bit of extra training or who is a certified public accountant.
Ask for their experience in handling the kind of task that you need them for. Sometimes, it may require paying a consultation fee so as to get the details you need. It is worthwhile.

Check the rates for two reasons:

  • To see whether you will afford their services.
  • To know more about their proficiency by the price bracket they place their services.

Tax decisions are very important, whether they are for your business or personal finances; whatever you do, get professional help.