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Finding the right tax professional for your tax related issues comes with responsibilities. Since you will be trusting this person with your legal matters and paying for their services, make sure you pick the best of the lot. A good tax lawyer will make sure that all your tax returns and audit issues are in line and timely filed. If you’re wondering how to find a good tax attorney in Sacramento, CA, you should start by asking these five important questions.

1. What is the tax law specialization of your attorney?

Although most people seek the services of Sacramento tax attorneys to file income tax returns, yet there can be times when your requirements vary. For instance, if it is a tax lawyer who can take your through the tax filing criteria for your new business that you are looking for or something related to foreign assets, you will need a lawyer who has knowledge about this kind of laws. It would be even better if you can hire a tax attorney who has handled a case like yours in past because experience always makes a difference.

2. Is your attorney licensed in other states?

To be lawfully eligible to practice law in a state, a license from the state is required. Therefore, if you have property or business spreading in different states, make sure you hire a law attorney who is licensed in those states. Tax laws vary from one state to other, and you can check with the bar association to see if your attorney is licensed there.

3. What are the legal fees and other charges?

Having a rough estimate of what your expenditure might be in this case will help you plan according to your budget. So, ask your law attorney about his legal fees and what other charges should you be prepared for. You would not want a dispute with your lawyer regarding the fees later as it can be unprofessional. Different lawyers charge differently- on the hourly basis or rates fixed for various services. Get a written agreement made before you start.

4. Are there any serious legal problems in your case?

A law attorney will be able to spot the red flags or the legal issues that you might have missed out upon. If there are any tax problems or hidden issues that might get you into trouble with the state, your tax attorney will be able to find them and offer you a solution for them. Underpaying taxes, missing out on some returns are some common potential problems.

5. How much involvement will you have?

One if the most important rules to follow with tax attorneys is that you should be 100% honest with them about your financial details. After the case starts, chances are you might be in touch just once a week or even lesser. Ask your lawyer about how often will you be informed about your case- whether daily or weekly. The more your Sacramento tax attorney knows, the better it is for your case.

You can also ask them about their education, what other cases they handle and whether they will be able to save you some money. Before getting professionally involved, it is better to have your doubts cleared. This will save you from the trouble of regretting halfway through the case about having hired the wrong lawyer.